August 18, 2012

BOLT Neighborhood Fabric Boutique

A fun place to shop on Alberta Street in 
Portland, Oregon.

  I spent the day with my friend Kathy from Alaska. We were 'hushed' as we walked the sidewalk approaching Bolt.  Hushed?  Hush a couple of girls who haven't seen each other in almost a year?? 
Oh, they're filming.....
I secretly wanted to take off all my clothes, wrap myself in a Bolt of Kaffe fabric and run down the street...quietly...sshhhhhh
Just doing my part, keeping Portland weird.
click here to visit Bolt
You'll love it!
(Photos from Bolt Facebook pages)


  1. What a fun name for a quilt shop!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Karen! So glad you enjoyed the store and the Alberta St "experience."

  3. My son lives in the Portland area (in Gresham). I can't wait to go back and visit him so I can go to Bolt! It looks wonderful!
    How funny that you were shushed!



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