July 11, 2012

River Quilts and more...

A day In Camas, Washington at River Quilts and Camas Antiques
 Most of my photos of the quilt shop were too dark...so this is all i could lighten up enough to post.

I found this rocker at the antique store ....love love love it!  
Only $65 but could not justify the purchase and my husband would kill me!  :)
If you would like to purchase it for me, i'd be happy to pick it up!  ha ha ha...
but isn't it cute????
 I had to take a picture of this card...so me!
At last, Carol's quilt is off Mrs SewGood.  

 I continued the waves in the final border about an 1.5" apart.  The busy fabric makes the quilting hard to see...so i went with something simple.


  1. So if I buy the rocker won't I get in trouble with your husband??
    great little shop. Carol's quilt is lovely, she will be pleased.

    1. Ha Ha Leeanne....but at least it will be you and not me :) He would just think it was another piece of junk!

  2. Junk!!! What is the man thinking? It is the most fabulous place to display quilts!

    1. I was secretly hoping he would read my blog and the rocker would appear on my porch! I don't think he spends much time looking at my quilt pictures!! :)



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