July 12, 2012

Miss Chandler

Spent the past 3 days with my niece Chandler.
If you follow my blog you might think i have a niece/quilt theme going on...and i do!
Chandler is a 2nd year student at Washington State University. 
She will return to school in a couple of weeks so we set out to make a quilt.
Originally she was thinking on a design similar to this.  
Pretty cool huh?
After stitching the borders around each of the 10" squares, the next step in achieving the look above was to cut each block below into fourths.  In doing so, it cut the 'big print' fabrics into much smaller pieces loosing some of the design and Chandler wanted more.  She laid out her blocks, switching this one for that, until she settled on the right combinations and liked what she saw.

When they were all stitched together we both realized we had no plans or fabric for a border.  
Boersma's in McMinnville carried just enough of her favorite fabric and she used that for the border combined with a dark gray Kona Cotton inner border.

 Panto called Paisley with Oyster Shell gray thread

The quilt measures approximately 78"x 90".
Here she is researching her next quilt!  Chandler told me tonight that she does not think she will make another 3 day quilt!  She worked hard on this quilt...cutting, stitching, ironing, measuring, using the seam ripper...preparing the binding....i loaded her quilt on Mrs. SewGood at 1:30 today and by 8:00 this evening it was quilted, the binding was on and we were taking pictures.
Chandler has the binding left to hand stitch and i know she will have that finished in time for school.
Looks beautiful Chandler!! And by the way, this is her first quilt.  Nice.


  1. Awesome team work!! It is great to see the younger generation taking up quilting. We get some come into the shop from time time & it is exciting to see them start out, much like watching your own child start to walk!

  2. Hola amiga!!!
    Felicitaciones...te quedó Precioso!
    Feliz Fin de Semana!
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!

  3. Wonderful first quilt, lovely big prints.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt!!! I love the prints that she chose and the long arm stitchin ain't too bad either!!

    1. This previous comment was made by me, Cheri George but I can't figure out how to post anyway except anonymous.

  5. Wow, this is so pretty. I sure hope your niece will continue to make some quilts...she is very good at it as is your longarm quilting of this quilt. Beautiful!

  6. Está precioso tu trabajo!!!!, me gustan mucho las telas que utilizaste!!!.
    Me encanta tu blog. Los acolchados te quedan geniales...un beso

  7. Thanks for sharing your 3 day quilt! That is amazing and it shouldn't take her long to get the binding done... Congrats for a few days with your niece too!

  8. Hi Karen. I'm over from Sew Many Ways and am your newest follower. I've been looking around your blog and am speechless. Your work is amazing.

  9. Found you on Sew Many Ways and am looking forward to following your blog. I absolutely love the color way on Chandler's quilt.

  10. Karem from Sew Many Ways sent me over, and I am loving your blog. I am your newest follower. Can I ask what fabric line your niece used. I love the grey and yellow :-)

    1. The fabric line used for most of Chandler's quilt comes from the Joel Dewberry line for Free Spirit called Aviary in the Granite and Vintage Yellow color ways. Found here: http://freespiritfabric.com/core-pages/gallery.php?gal_id=366



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