July 3, 2012

Circle of Geese

A few days ago i posted HERE sharing some ideas and asking for your thoughts on how to quilt the 
Circle of Geese block. 
 I had many great ideas come in through emails and my longarm forum.   THANK YOU!
 Now that i am writing this, it just occurred to me that perhaps i should have quilted each block differently, using all the ideas! 
Well shoot!
   I am quilting Sandy's idea for the center and it's turning out really slick as i can quilt the whole thing continuously without one start or stop.  Including stitching in the ditch around the points and quilting feathers!  I chose to fill in around the Circle of Geese with feathers taking a design hint from the fabric.
 (not to mention...geese do have feathers!)  
I have 9 out of 12 blocks completed. 
So now i will grab a glass of wine, sit down and watch a few episodes of the new Dallas.  I have not seen it at all yet but can catch up thanks to Comcast on demand.  :)


  1. Ja ja !me la imagina tomando su copa de vino ,totalmente satisfecha porque en verdad su trabajo ha quedado bello bello.
    Yo también he pensado acolchar los bloques con distintas ideas ,pero lo tengo como desafió , e imaginado que podrían tener algo en común .
    Su trabajo me encanta.

  2. Fabulous!! dallas?? OMG....have they really made a new series?

  3. Hola amiga!!!!!
    Recien he conocido su blog y me encanta......
    Felicitaciones por tus hermosas labores!
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!

  4. Perfect quilting for this block......Did you like the show or the wine.... better?

    Hope you are having a wonderful 4th!

    :) Carolyn

  5. so pretty! nice quilting decision

  6. Boy....that really enhances the already beautiful block! Great job!



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