July 15, 2012

Across the world... We come together in

Yesterday I was featured on Sew Many Ways . I ran across Karen's blog recently (yes, that's her name too) and read her bio noticing many similarities. Especially her love of rearranging furniture!  I don't know how many days my husband comes home from work to find the house completely different!  Through our emails back and forth we discovered not only do we love to rearrange furniture but we share the same hobbies, our birthdays are in January and our initials are KMW! If there's anything you want to know, 
click over to Karen's, she has the answers!...and some great Linking parties too!!

Leeanne at Quiltmekiwi (her photo above) and I have become great friends from across the planet.  Check out her blog and her machine quilting!!  It's all done on her domestic machine too!!!  WOWZA!

Cisca from Quiltpassion is a wonderful friend i've met from the Netherlands.  Her applique is fantastic!...and i LOVE applique!  Recently she sent some chintz fabric swatches and a pattern to me in the mail....big hug and a thank you to her from Oregon!!
Enjoy these wonderful blogs!!

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  1. Thanks for the new links! I've been a follower of Karen's for a long time now.....isn't she awesome! I can't wait to see these others!



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