June 2, 2012

This is Mackenzie Marie Madsen writing, and today I am a guest blogger as well as Karen's niece. Last night we decided to get crafty.
Auntie Karen taught me how to cut and sew big blocks together to make a quilt. 
 We named her long arm machine Ms. Sew Good and look what Ms. Sew Good has stitched up. 
Here I am making the binding while Ms. Sew Good is hard at work. 
 We got creative and decided to personalize my quilt. 
Ms. Sew Good with myself and Auntie Karen finished this snuggly warm flower power quilt.  
Here I am enjoying my snuggly warm quilt. 


  1. Quilting, The Next Generation. Love the quilting and the quilt! :D Great job Macki and Auntie Karen. :D

  2. Love to see that interest sparked in young people--nicely done Auntie Karen and Mackenzie!! Can't wait to see more projects in your future!! :-)

  3. This is adorable. Love the quilting.

  4. Sooo stinkin cute! What a nice Auntie!

  5. Awesome!!! The quilting rocks!!!

  6. Great job you two! Time well spent. You will always remember this time together.



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