June 11, 2012

As my friends know, applique is my favorite past time. I love pieced quilts with appliqued borders, Baltimore Album quilts or any quilts hand stitched with applique motifs.  Love love love....
I'm working on my latest applique quilt, 'The Lady' from Jan Patek's book, Lady Liberty
Yes...there are two pairs of glasses...different strengths depending on what needs to be seen. ugh...
I thought I would just quickly share two of my applique methods.  
The Lady's body is rather big with simple curves to stitch.  For this, I use the Freezer Paper method.  Tracing the design onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper, I cut the traced pattern out on the drawn lines.  Next, I ironed the freezer paper onto the wrong side of the fabric.  Leaving the freezer paper in place, I cut the fabric about 1/4' larger than the freezer paper leaving enough fabric to turn under using an iron.  In the photo below, you can see the crease on the lady's sashing where I ironed the fabric over the freezer paper. When the fabric is cooled, I remove the freezer paper and stitch into place.
In this next photo, I laid the freezer paper template on the top side of the lady.  I have already pressed most of the seams under using the freezer paper with the exception of her right arm.  
At this point I traced around her arm on the right side of the fabric so I can use the Needle Turn applique method.  The curve of her arm is too tight to fold under and press with an iron...so I leave this small section unpressed and turn with my needle when I get to this area.
I finger press along the line before I stitch. I cut away only an inch of fabric in the curve of her arm before needle turning, cutting an inch more, needle turn...this helps keep the fabric from fraying as it's being worked and easier to stitch the seam under.
  I love silk thread...
For this entire quilt I am only using three colors. 
 A dark taupe, a light taupe and a cream. 


  1. I love your little ladies! That is going to be beautiful!
    I use a freezer paper method where I iron the paper to the RIGHT side of the fabric and turn it under with the aid of a glue stick. I couldn't live without my freezer paper!
    I use the same silk thread you do! I love it! It's so fine the stitches hide really well.

  2. Unas bonitas aplicaciones, yo utilizo la misma técnica,
    Saludos desde Galicia.

  3. Beautiful! Nice wee tutorial. There is much needle turn here, is this going to be a big quilt? Your blocks look quite big?
    Love the glasses!

  4. I was looking at this very book a couple days ago thinking it would make a wonderful summer display quilt. Your blocks look good. I made one of the Lady blocks quite some time ago that is to go into a different quilt.

  5. I'mn so glad you pooped by my blog...I KNOW I'm going to love being here and I'm going to learn so much as well.

    A big merci beaucoup from France.




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