April 26, 2012

Practice for the real thing

 Sandy would like 15" spirals stitched into her quilt.  There will be one in the center of the Tumbling Blocks with 6 additional spirals circling around, overlapping a bit and spilling into the background.  There are no spiral quilt boards I am aware of larger than 13".  This presents a challenge as I will have to freehand the spirals. According to my friend Janet, it will create an organic look and feel.  I have been taught a few tricks by my longarm quilting friends (Thank you very much!!) and have set out to practice, practice, practice before I attempt the real thing.  I'm posting these photos for Sandy to see and get her reaction so far.  I will be using a So Fine! thread from Superior in a blending color which will help hide any little bobbles.

Here are my attempts so far.  I am stitching onto muslin with a thread much thicker than So Fine!.  I am also using up some leftover high loft batting. Both thread and batt accentuates the quilting and shows off the imperfections more than the batting and thread choice I will use for Sandy's quilt. 

I have a few more practice areas in the muslin 
and I can't help but doodle along the way.
la la la la la.....

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