April 26, 2012

it all began with a practice spiral....

Earlier today i posted about a freehand 15" spiral i am about to stitch into Sandy's quilt....I sort of got carried away....


  1. This looks like it could be a whole cloth. So pretty!

  2. Looks like you fell down the rabbit hole of quilting! I love it all.

  3. How did u get your spirals so uniform? Did u draw them on first or just freehand?

    1. Hi Gramy! I did a couple of things to help uniform the spirals...(btw...your email to me is a 'no reply' just so you know) I traced a 15" spiral onto a large piece of paper, then i used Glad Press and Seal, laid it over the top and retraced. I then took the GP&S and stuck it on my loaded quilt top. It has a nice light adhesive that keeps it from shifting and i stitched through it using a 10" Boomerang arc by Deloa Jones to guide my hopper foot around the spiral. It's not perfect, but i'm pleased. :)

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a TON of fun =)

  5. I love your quilting and your blog!

  6. Oh I love this Karen - thanks for sharing with us on Free Motion Quilting Frenzy ❤. Your work is amazing! Xo



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