January 1, 2012

i am only admitting this because i am confident i'm not the only one!
My New Year's resolution:  
1.  pull out all my UFO's
2.  put them in order of importance
3.  post each month showing 'some' progress
4.  complete them in 2012

Here they are in no order of importance yet...
A Tisket a Tasket by Bunny Hill Designs
a BOM which i have 4 months completed
 Fickle Pickle
a Churn Dash that is finished...
but needs machine quilting
 My Farmer's Wife quilt....
which is my #1 priority!
can't wait to see this finished!
 Prairie baskets by Primitive Patchworks
 Baskets n Such by Jan Patek
and my tree skirt by Cabin Fever 
which i had planned to finish last January....  :/
May your 2012 be filled with complete success!


  1. mmmmm yes I think you are not alone! I joined that club a long time ago. One big problem is there are sew many new things I want to do too!
    You have some very nice projects.

  2. Ha! My resolution is very similar -- finish all the tops on my quilt rack of shame. So, I wish you luck getting a lot done on your projects and hoping you have time to quilt some of mine :D

  3. espero hacer igual que tu,y hacer todo lo que esta a medias.besos yolanda

  4. You are not alone! I finished a rag quilt that I had started a long time ago. Made me feel good to check that off my list! Then there's that darn Farmer's Wife quilt!

  5. Gracias por quedarte en mi blog,aprendere de ti .besos yolanda



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