December 16, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

Yesterday i discover MY stocking had Bonnie's name on it!  Home in New England is a blog i follow, and to my surprise...Bonnie had a photo of this Christmas stocking on her blog! My Grandma Mac knit each of her grand kids this stocking when we were born...Come to find out, so did Bonnie's grandma for all her grandkids! I wonder how many other grandmas knit this stocking for their grand kids...and who still cherishes them like Bonnie and me? 


  1. Oh thank you! What a feast for the eyes.....I really love the Santa's quilt and the wool runner with the reindeer and Santa.

  2. Me encantan todas los adornos pero el pqueño quilt con lenguetas al rededos es precioso.felicidades por tu trabajo.besos yolanda

  3. Preciosos adornos navideños...y que maravilla de trabajos.

  4. Oh, Karen! The elves look so happy sitting in the tree! Wish I'd made myself a pair!

  5. Love your decorations! Especially with Santa and cardinal quilts. Can you tell me what patterns did you use to make both quilts?

  6. Crafty Susan,
    i went to email you a reply but i don't have an email for you.... it shows your email as a 'no reply'. if you get this message, email me at and i'll let you know about the patterns.



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