September 26, 2011

The Paisley Pincushion

 Yesterday at our monthly quilt gathering I introduced everyone to a
 line of apron patterns from 
This pattern company is owned by my high school friend, Katie. 
Katie was always known in high school for her art and her smile.  I thought apron making would be a great diversion from quilting and there would be  plenty of time to make one or two for Christmas parties or as gifts. Katie brought samples and here they are modeled by my quilt'n friends!

 Laura wearing Bloomin' Apron.  
This one is my favorite!!  
My friend Cindy has some old Dresden's from her grandmother that would be perfect!

 and here is Jean wearing Queen of Hearts

My favorite neighbor Sue showing off the Shopkeeper Apron
(she had surgery on her foot...therefore the black sock) 
Cindy modeling the Short Stack Apron
(love my friend Cindy!)

Me...with my Blue Plate Special

Miss Jan look'n all sassy wearing the Shopkeeper (pattern shown above)
 My high school friend Cheryl in the 
Busy Bias Apron

 Toni and her son Avi modeling 
The Worker Bee Aprons

Some aprons come with mother/daughter sets and even doll size aprons!
A couple more aprons: 
 Reversible Apron Pattern
and the Scalloped Apron,
 another one of my favorites!
If you are interested in purchasing any of these apron patterns or other fun patterns by:
Click HERE for the official website.

Now, I would like to proudly introduce my niece Hayley.  Hayley lives just a couple blocks from me and expressed an interest in having a quilt made.   I think she thought i would make it, (and i totally would) but how much more fun for me if she wanted to learn??!!  So this past week Hayley has been cutting out her blocks to make the pattern 
'Hip to be Square' and joined me yesterday at the Trinity Quilt Gathering.  I think she may be catching a bug...quilting bug that is.  She already has a keen eye for color and blessed with artistic talent.  She is 19, the youngest in our quilt club!!
Welcome Hayley!


  1. Cute aprons! Love the fabric on the Blue Plate Special!

  2. I love the apron fashion show!!! Just darling. Blue Plate special is great!! :-)



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