September 14, 2011

#43 Garden Path

Here's an easier way to piece this block.
Start by making a center 4-patch surrounded by 4 loose triangles as shown in book. (My block has a solid center not a 4-patch)
This center square is referred to as a 'Square in a Square"
On each template #44 and each of the large triangles, mark an X a quarter inch in from the both edges on the wrong side of the fabric. This identifies the seam allowance when sewing these units together with a Y~Seam.  Set this aside for now.

Next, make 8 half square triangles. (hst)
Using the hst's, create 'Unit One' shown below.
Repeat for a total of 4. 
With the remaining 4 hst's, make 'Unit Two' shown below. Repeat 4 times.
Line up Units One and Two together as shown below and sew them together. Repeat for a total of 4.

4. After sewing Units One and Two together, add in the brown template #44.  Finger press to determine the center of the pieced unit and the template.  Pin and sew together.  Repeat for a total of 4

Using the y~seam method, line up an X on one side of the template with the X on the triangle. Begin sewing the units together at the X stopping at the opposite X.  You may want to take a small back stitch when you start and stop at the X's.  Do this with all 4 sides of the center 'Square in a Square'.  
Complete the block by sewing up the open corner seams.  
For more detail on how to sew together y~seams, view this great tutorial on HERE

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