August 13, 2011

My Vintage Quilts

The other day i was poking around
had my arms full of this and that; little treasures i thought i needed, until i stumbled upon this.   No problem...I put away my 'little treasures' and purchased this instead.  It's a full size quilt, all hand pieced, hand quilted and in very good condition. Not to mention my favorite color!!  It is made up of nine patch and snowball blocks set on point. 
 It was a $50 find.  LuCkY mE!!!
(Eat your heart out...
 Marcia, Diane, Kelly, Cindy & Vicki!)
 Great in my dining room against the dark blue walls.

This quilt was given to me by my good friend Marylou who thought i would like it....duh!!!  Love it!  Actually there are two quilts exactly the same and i'm considering sewing them together to make a rather large queen size quilt for my bed.
All the baskets run the length of the quilt on their sides.  interesting,...i wonder what the quilt maker was thinking when she put these blocks together.  Using just one of the quilts would also make a wonderful table cloth in my dining room.

 This next quilt was given to me years ago by a friend of my husband who was selling her home and getting rid of 'stuff'....can you believe that?  This quilt was made by her grandmother who entered it in the State Fair back in the day when she made it. Story goes... she won a ribbon.  It is a bit much bubble gum pink for me....but really???  Just give it away??  Dawn knew i would treasure it and that was important to her.  It is in excellent condition, all hand pieced and quilted with french knots inside each flower.  
Again...LuCkY mE!!

I picked this quilt up from a local antique store a couple years ago.  It is probably crib size, maybe a bit larger...great condition.  So soft and beautiful....a $15 find.
Dare i say it? LuCkY mE!!
Now this old thing.....loved it for the red background and the basket blocks.  The hand piecing is not great, it is set on-point and definitely not square. But, folded up on this tattered old perfect!

So, those are my treasures...


  1. BIG TIME TREASURES!!!! Love Mr. Rooster on your header too.

    Carolyn :)

  2. Yes, lucky you indeed!!! Wonderful quilts, I love the blue white one!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  3. I love vintage quilts! And what a great find at $50! I want to shop with you! LOL!

  4. Beautiful!I was very lucky to buy my first antique quilt yesterday, a grandmothers garden quilt....I am very happy, here in New Zealand we just don't see many.My does hail from America, unfortunately no name, no label!
    I love you new header.

  5. Wow! What a deal for $50!! Nice collection!



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