July 17, 2011

Judith's Altar Cloth

Gathered for the Trinity Quilt Club retreat this past Friday and Saturday.  
Many of us were working on
 The Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks...
and others worked on their own projects.
Judith finished this beautiful 
Pentecostal Altar Cloth for our church.  
She was a bit (but not too much) concerned with the sequin 'bling' on the dove.
  I told her the Holy Spirit is full of Bling!
This is incredibly stunning Judith...thank you for sharing your talent! 
(click on this photo to enlarge)
 Moving on to some Farmer Wife blocks...here is what i accomplished in two days!
The following two blocks were made using the paper piecing method.  I always struggle getting my brain around this method.  I don't know why it takes me sooo long to get in the groove....I mentioned to the group i did not know which side of my brain was not functioning when using this method...Laura piped up and said it might be both sides.  I actually have to agree with her comment!  :) 
 At any rate, they turned out!!

Block #82  Spider Legs
 Block #105  Wild Goose Chase
   This next block uses 'Y' seams.  I will post a tutorial later on how this is done.  
The FW blocks are small and it takes a bit of patience to accomplish this method.
Block #10  Bowtie
The last block was an easy one to piece. 
 A simple 'Magic 8' method 
(tutorial on my side bar)
makes 8 half square triangles. 
Block #88  Star of Hope
We had 18-20 quilters this weekend...
and 1 observer.

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