June 15, 2011

what i love about my job....

I am getting ready to load Dorothy's quilt on to my longarm.  The final border needed adding and she asked if i could do that for her.  Of course I can!  I hate to admit this Dorothy but i have only mitered a border once.  i always admire quilts with mitered corners because they look so polished and professional. Dorothy already had mitered corners in the center of the quilt top which meant i had to break out my Alex Anderson "Finish It" book and follow directions.
My simple little ole quilting business pushes me to go beyond what i think i can do.

I really believe had i been taught high school geometry using examples in quilting,  i may have received a better grade than a D.  :)


  1. Your miter is perfect....well done! You get an A+! lol

  2. félicitations !!!!!!
    joli travail !!!!! comme toujours
    amitiés de Régina

  3. Fantastic!A jack (or Jill of all trades)

  4. It looks really beautiful! At first I thought the name of the quilt is 'Dorothy' but then I saw the name of the person who made the quilt is Dorothy.
    It is funny because the very first quilt I made and finished just a few month ago is named 'Dorothy'. :-))
    have a nice day, Jolanda



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