June 23, 2011

Lila's rail quilt stitched with a variegated thread called 'Shadows' with a leaf pantograph.
Reminds me of leaves dancing against the blue skies of Oregon...even with the clouds.  :)
My Grandpa Vic was a farmer his entire life and shortly before he passed away, he had a dream.  He dreamed of Heaven, and when he arrived God appointed him Caretaker over all the clouds.
 Clouds are especially beautiful to me.
(click on the photos to enlarge)

I usually Yankee 'doodle' dandy in the sidelines...checking my tension...good thing!
 Carol's 4th of July table runner
Next up on the longarm...Marylou's quilt!!

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  1. Both those quilts are beautiful....and your quilting is great!



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