May 19, 2011


This past Sunday Tucker graduated with a degree in Biology from Whitworth University in
 Spokane, Washington
Tucker shaking hands with the 
University President 
 So proud of him!!
During our stay in Spokane, Frank's Diner is a must!

The history of this diner is wonderful. 
 You can click on the picture below and read for yourself.
We also had dinner at Anthony's
 and this was our view.  
Spokane is a neat town...
...and only 25 minutes to the Buggy Barn!
My Buggy Barn inspiration in the making...


  1. Congratulations to Tucker!!
    Spokane is a great town but not much to see on the drive there!!

  2. Congratulations--- also to Tucker! We raised two sons so I know how exciting and important this graduation is for all of you, it was for us too!!!

    Love the Buggy Barn and looks as though you are starting a fun new project! Very nice.

    Carolyn :)



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