April 16, 2011

Class with Kim Stotsenberg

Yesterday I took  classes from Kim in Bellingham,Washington at the studio home of Megan Best 
Kim has a book called
Just Leaf It, you can find it here on her blog where a  snap shot video is posted of our class.
Kim is a wonderful teacher.  I took two classes, one  called Fancy Feathers and the other on Templates and Rulers.  I learned so much and had so much fun. The 7 hours was packed full of skill, technique, demos, education, actual stitching...and lunch!
Below are my stitched doodles of Fancy Feathers...and other playful designs.
Remember....these are just fun practice pieces...all random and moving from one to another

I recently worked an Automotive Swap meet in Portland selling tools....below remind me of gears....or whatever you call them... :)

Signing off....and thank you Kim!!


  1. Very nice! it's always fun to take a class and learn a few new techniques.

  2. What fun! It is very addictive!



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