February 13, 2011

Farmer's Wife Blocks for Today

More Farmer's Wife blocks!  
For those looking....the tutorial for Block #79 is found at the bottom of this blog post....

Four Winds #38
 Square Dance #85
Windblown Square #107 
 Squash Blossom #86
 Farmer's Puzzle #33
Ribbons #74 

Below are piecing instructions for Block #79
Here is an easy way to eliminate templates:
When viewing the completed block (last photo) the brown star fabric looks as though a template is needed.
Instead, with the correct measurements, here's a nifty way around cutting templates!  

Draw 45* lines on the fabric going in one direction
on another brown star rectangle, draw lines in the opposite direction 
 stitch first rectangle onto what will be your triangle fabric
chain stitch; 4 are needed
 trim and press
 stitch the other side
 after it is pressed and trimmed, add squares to each end, stitching on the diagonal.
Flip, trim and press
see those brown star templates?
 stitch this section to both sides of the finished pinwheel, add finishing squares to the top and bottom sections and stitch in place

Silver Lane #79

Nifty huh?


  1. very nice..you do a great job at teaching; as I can see from this tutorial...one day..I am going to make this quilt..thank you

  2. They look lovely. It must be fun teaching those!

  3. Yes, very nifty. I do not like using templates for piecing at all. thanks for sharing.



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