October 12, 2010

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. In my weekly to do list i said i was going to spend it with someone i love very much. i did. It lasted longer than just a week.
So, now back to work i go!
Sue, this one's for you! Boo!!
(see the rocks??)
Sue's quilt was fun to do.

This is Kora's quilt finished up from a couple weeks ago. I used a high loft batt and it really makes the quilting stand out.

Week Forty One: October 11th-17th
1. Catch up on customer quilts
2. Farmer's Wife class was last week and have blocks to make
3. Mason comes home for his first visit since he left for Oregon State University...yipppeeee!!


  1. Hello there!

    Happy to read your post and that you had a lovely break with your special someone!

    Your quilting design is perfect on Sue's quilt.
    She is going to love how it turned out!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with Mason---

    Carolyn :)

  2. Wonderful pumpkin wall hangings!!! I love the swirl quilting! I've done that by hand, but never on a machine. Wish I could.

    My SIL grows giant pumpkins. The biggest has been almost 500 pounds. He'd like one of those 1000 pound ones~!

  3. Love the flat one.......VERY creative!!!



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