September 21, 2010

doodle feathers...

doodles and doodles and doodles of feathers...I have sheets and sheets of doodles! I even go to bed doodling feathers in my bed, i mean, in my head! hum....doodle feather bed. aaahhh!
I have been taking the Feather Boot Camp online class with Suzanne Earley. Here are some of my beginning I continue doodling, I will post more recent pictures and some feathers which are actually stitched onto fabric!

remember....these are just doodles!

Week Thirty Eight: September 20th-26th
1. more and more doodles.... stitched on fabric!
2. attend NW Quilter's Expo
3. finish up Kora's quilt
4. Seattle here I come!

1 comment:

  1. Love your feathers , I have just joined you as a follower . Please join me if you have time . That way I can find you easy--cottonreel



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