August 12, 2010

Just for fun...

My cousin Diane called today and asked what color wool I used to hook the stem and leaves on my chicken basket top. I told her I would email her a picture...but then decided that I would post about it as well. So this is for Diane.

I used this wool which was given to me by my friend Cheryl. As you can see, there are areas predominately of green or yellow green and then an area of browns. I stripped these sections separately and used the greens for the stem and the browns for the middle of my sunflower.

Staying with the chicken is a chicken made by my other cousin, Becky.

Becky is an amazingly creative person....

Oops, my chicken is missing a bead...

This is an original Becky design...great huh?

complete with talons and and an egg....

continuing on.....
For the past 25 years or so, I have been wondering about my old grain bin. My parents sold off part of the farm years ago. There was an old barn (well we called it a barn) where my horse Dandy lived. Today I only live about a mile from the this place and when driving past it I often wonder if my grain bin is still there. A couple weeks ago my cousin Wade was visiting from Texas. He lived and worked on our farm when he was in his early teens and had not been back since. We were sitting around reminiscing about the 'good ole days' and I thought we should sneak down to the old barn with flashlights and see if my bin was still there. It sure was!! Wow!! It was bigger than I had remembered, so my initial plan of just hauling it out that night was out of the picture.
Wade suggested I call the owners (our local landfill) and ask them if I could buy it from them. Okay Wade, maybe that would be a better plan.
So I did and of course they said I could just have it.
Viewing it in the I know why I "could have it".
I love old dilapidated things...but this was even a bit much for me. It's at least 50 years old, but the wood is cracked in many places, it's nailed together with huge nails...the top is about to fall apart. Usually I have a pretty good vision....not with this.
I'm disappointed. I had hoped to have a special treasure to admire and remind me of the
'good ole days'

I decided to take some snapshots around the old place.

This is where I fed Dandy.

Cool huh?

These blackberry bushes grow in front of a heavy sliding door I had to fight with every time I entered the barn.

I'm happy I was officially invited back to this place and snapped a few pictures.
It may not look beautiful to anyone else...but beauty is all I see.


  1. I enjoyed seeing and imagining a bit of your childhood. Special memories :)

  2. Karen Please don't get discouraged or overwhelmed find a woodworker to restore it!!! MY TREAT! send me the invoice. I could not think of a better gift to give you! luv wade

  3. are one kind guy. It's funny you mentioned not getting discouraged, because after posting about this...i have had second thoughts and was going to take another look. I'll keep you posted!

  4. OH what beautifulmemories I too grew up on a farm so I know the feelings well



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