August 2, 2010

Ahhh, August

I slipped away to Bend for a few days. Here is a picture I took at Elk Lake. I think that must be one of the Sister's in the background.

Pat and I took our bikes and rode along the Deschutes.

I had relatives in from the great state of Texas. My cousins Wade and Jimmy, Jimmy's wife Angela who I met for the first time and their two boys Cade 6 and Cody 3. My aunt Carol and her husband Wayne. Wow what fun we had!! Of course I had to escort them to Seaside for Razors!!! Yum! Ya'll come back now!

So I get in these moods where i start changing everything around.
My favorite month is August. Seems like everything good happens in August. It's hot, wheat fields have been cut, the smells....

I pulled out these pears i made a few years back.

and hung my appliqu├ęd pear quilt.

next, i thought i would throw a few small quilts in some dye. They were too bright, too, why not? This is my make shift spray bottle filling up with tea.

first, i dunked this very white embroidered quilt in dye, let it soak then rinsed it in my washer and laid it out to dry in the sun.

now it hangs on my banister

The Flying Geese quilt was made by my son Mason in the 8th grade. He was studying the Civil war period and this was his project. During the Underground movement quilts were used as symbols. The Flying Geese block directed escapees to follow the Canadian geese north to Canada.

Now Mason's quilt feels as though it was made during the Civil war.

I love this little even better!

Goes well with my old baseballs

Last but not least! I machine quilted 6 quilts in the past two weeks. I somehow managed to keep working in spite of all the fun.

My practice attempt on the batting

this is the back of the motion feather swirls in the sashing and borders

this is the quilt top border. It was still on the machine when i took this photo and you can see my basting stitch running through.

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