July 11, 2010

Jane's quilt... very pretty 25 patch blocks of purple hues with white alternating single blocks. Jane then appliquéd randomly placed 'flowers'.

She chose Daisy Chain pattern with Hyacinth purple thread.

This past week I helped coordinate an auction at church to raise money for our youth's mission trip to Canada. I was the winning bid for this fun potholder.....

and....my first EVER Oregon State University piece of paraphernalia!! My son Mason will head to OSU this fall...Goooo Beavs!! Both items were donated and made by my good friend, Carol! Thanks Carol!!

Week Twenty Eight: July 12th-18th
1. I am posting a day early because in the morning I am headed north to Marysville, Washington to pick up my new car...who knew? I certainly had no idea when I called my brother David to inquire about my possible future need for this sort of thing...that I would purchase a car, sight unseen and now the proud owner. Literally, this all happened in the span of an hour on Friday.
2. Since this road trip came as a surprise, why not make it a real outing and con a couple girlfriends into going...Stopping at antique and quilt shops along the way? I do need a ride up north!
3. Back to business....Jane has a quilt just like the one pictured in this post that needs quilting and one more she made in need of the same. Both to be finished up by Thursday.
4. Once a year I put on a quilt retreat at church. This Friday and Saturday we will be busy quilting up all kinds of fun projects....some of us will be making 'Cowgirl' pictured in last week's post.


  1. Jane's quilt is a different design. I have not seen anything like it. Very interesting.

  2. My son too will be heading to OSU in the fall [went to START a week ago in 100* heat!] majoring in engineering. GO BEAVS indeed!!



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