July 18, 2010

Nothing but FUN

I ended my week with a quilt retreat at church. To begin, my friend Cindy showed me her grandmother's hand pieced Dresden's...35 in all! It is amazing how many treasures are just stored away but given to the right person...
these treasures come alive again.

At the retreat, I finished all my Cowgirl quarter circles, too many to count! Now the fun of sewing them all together, adding the inner and outer borders!

my last stack of blues....seam ripper never far away!

This is Jan's quilt. She simply saw a small photograph in a magazine a year ago and figured out how to construct this beautiful quilt. She's almost finished!

Our new addition to the quilt club. Little Rafe born two months ago. Six days after a c-section delivery, Kora brought Rafe to our last monthly quilt gathering to show him off. Here they are at the quilt retreat. He already has that look "pleeease, not another quilt shop!" on his face.

Marylou and Jan....serious business!

Diane, Susan and Laura. The last sewing machine with the empty plate is mine...someone brought carrot cake. Yep, I ate most of it! You can see a bit of wool flowers laying around. Vicki who claims she can not sew, brought wool appliqué.

Cheryl and Judith....Cheryl is working on a secret quilt...Judith is working on a beautiful alter cloth. I should have taken a picture of that!!! Oh, Judith...what about beading on the cross for embellishment?

At the beginning of my week, I found myself in Marysville, Washington buying a car from this man. And he was so proud of the personalized plates he made for my new car. This man is my little brother David...need I say more?

So, I'm leaving the dealership with my friend Cindy and this noise started up...I thought perhaps it was just another vehicle so I kept heading down the road. Just before I entered I-5 south bound, the high pitched screech continued. Okay, my new car is a 2007 Subaru with 21,000 miles. Great deal...but still used. My heart sank thinking I needed to turn around and take this lemon back.

Fortunately I did not drive it back to the lot. I discovered the emergency break was on. Ooops

Next, I headed east to Snohomish with my friends Cindy and Marcia. Lots and lots of antique stores. My favorite was the
complete with a tiny little room full of fabric.

This was a find! Rather on the loved side but worthy of a photo or two.

My two purchases.... #1. This old suitcase. Ever feel like running away from home? Like Laura in Little House on the Prairie?

Needs a bit of cleaning up...but thought it's a good home for my wool projects

#2...this bobbin. It stands 16" high and the ends measure 7" in diameter. I think it might find it's way on my wall with a runner hanging from it.

Week Twenty Nine: July 19th-25th
1. Heading to my Promised Land. Bend, Oregon for a few days
2. My aunt and cousins from Texas arrive
3. Leah comes for a second visit
4. Quilting....always

1 comment:

  1. You busy, busy girl!
    We all had a super duper 2 days at your quilt retreat :)
    Can't wait for the next....thanks for being so inclusive!!

    p.s. need to go on a 'skunk hunt' at the park......
    maybe berries and breakfast would be better!



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