June 21, 2010

Love this Kim Diehl quilt made by Kelly. Finished quilting it today using the pantograph 'Wild Flower' with Antique Satin thread color.

Double click on this block, you will get an enlarged photo showing the machine quilting pattern.

Marcia and I are making an auction quilt for our youth's mission trip to Canada. The pattern is 'Hip to be Square' which I have made before. Goes together quickly with these large 12" blocks. Marcia has a set of 6 blocks to piece, then she will sew all the blocks together so I can machine quilt...It will be hanging in the church this coming Sunday!!

My neighbor Sue made this central Oregon wall hanging. They have a home in SunRiver...this must be the Three Sisters. My grandparent's lived in Bend, Oregon when I was young and my Grandpa Tom called it The Promised Land. It is and I would like to live there someday.
I have had this quilt laid out for a while now...deciding how to quilt. I may ask my machine quilting friends, AnnMarie and Janet for some creative suggestions. I'm all ears if anyone has ideas!

Week Twenty Five: June 21st-27th

1. Machine quilt the auction quilt
2. Make decisions and quilt Sue's wall hanging
3. One other customer quilt to finish
4. Farmer's Wife Sampler class


  1. I love Kelly's quilt. And the quilting motif is really pretty.

    Sue's quilt is amazing with those little quilts on the bottom. I wish I had a brilliant idea for the quilting, but my imagination isn't as good as yours. I always get stuck when I get to that part.

  2. Kellys' quilt is beautiful! I love the purple accents tucked into the earthtones~
    Thanks for visiting my blog~ we keep one another inspired~
    When I look at that wallhanging all I can see is custom threadwork~sky,then mountains, trees, land, and then 5 different approaches to the quilts~not too heavy overall but definately custom...I would need a nap before and after! LOL!!
    BTW I love your header!

  3. Sent you a PM with my pathetic ideas. Maybe I should have slept on it before answering lol. Can't wait to see what you do.

  4. The Churn Dash quilt caught my eye. Very good.

  5. The quilt is wonderful. It looks great at church. I know it will make someone very happy to win it.



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