May 31, 2010

With Liberty and Justice for All

My flag waves proudly and I thank all the men and women who have served and serve today in the Armed Forces for our Freedom! A special Thank You to my cousin Chris.
God Keep you safe.

I made this quilt a few years ago. It is made with a flannel background and wool appliqué. Much of the wool came from Goodwill skirts and jackets!

Week Twenty two: May 31st-June 6th
1. Just machine quilted one of three quilts today
2. Begin a big custom quilt for a special retirement gift
3. My favorite part of Mason's senior year is the Baccalaureate celebration this coming Sunday.


  1. What a wonderful quilt! And a wonderful tribute to our servicemen and women!

  2. Fab quilt and so Americana. Love it. LenZie

  3. Your applique is wonderful too, Karen!

  4. Beautiful quilt!



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