May 3, 2010

Pressure is Good

Today I am working on a quilt for Tucker's bed. I started this...gosh, a year and a half ago? At least?? He is coming home from college in less than two weeks...nothing like a bit of pressure to get me motivated!! When he is away at school I use his room as my storage facility. Client's quilts stack up ready for machine quilting, unfinished quilt projects, my finished quilts lay out flat on his bed one on top of the other, packaged batting and whatever else I happen to throw in there!

I have all the individual log cabin blocks completed, need to sew the rows together and prepare for machine quilting next week!

Here are Mason and Tucker. Tucker broke both feet in a rock climbing accident a little over a year and a half ago. As of Christmas this past year he was walking with a limp, but unable to run. Yesterday he called to tell us he had finished a 7.5 mile race in Spokane, Washington. Completed it in 1 hour, 2 seconds; placed 2,548th out of 49,674; race pace was 8:02 per minute, the average for his age was 13:38; and placed 69th out of the 300 males his age. Unbelievable. Mason on the other hand, with no broken feet flew across the finish line at the local Elden Kellar Invitational on Friday breaking his personal record by 3.5 seconds in the 3000 meter.

Week Eighteen: May 3rd-9th

1. Finish Tucker's quilt top and backing; ready to machine quilt
2. Complete 2 customer quilts
3. Turn my storage facility back into Tucker's room

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  1. What a testimony to God's healing powers! Praise Jesus for this story of running again!!!! Yeah! :)



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