May 15, 2010

Enjoy my visit to Buggy Barn!

You may think by this post, the highlight of my trip to Spokane was visiting the Buggy Barn.
Viewing these photos...yes!! Almost!! But truly is was bringing Tucker home from Whitworth University. I had not seen him in over 4 months. He has had a fantastic school year, has a summer job, a girlfriend and last night spend the evening transforming what use to be known as 'The Toy Room' into 'The Gaming Room' where he and Mason were up until ??? who knows...and both are still in bed this morning!

Enjoy my visit and if you ever have the chance to go....Do!!

Stacks of quilts piled high on a chair ready to go to market next week

If you click on individual pictures, you will get a much closer look! Some of these needle punch designs shown below are from:
I purchased 3!


  1. The Barn sure is filled with beautiful fabrics and inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. What a wonderful place!!! And how lovely to have your son home!

  3. Buggy Barn looks wonderful. Could spend hours there I'm sure! Glad you family is together again for the summer! Love your work and enjoy seeing the places you go!



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