April 19, 2010

Five is A LOT!

Quilt #1...finis

Bugs...close up view on previous post

Quilt #2...finis

Feather stitch

Quilt #3...finis

Floral meander

Quilt #4...finis


Quilt #5...finis

Free motions swirls
This last quilt shows the back only...the quilt top is very similar to a quilt I made my niece at Christmas time. Seen on my side bar under *Samplings*

Week Sixteen: April 19th-25th
1. Complete three quilts
2. Attending The Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting
3. Proctor the National Optometry Board exams
4. The Farmer's Wife Sample Quilt class on Saturday
5. Still to do: post pictures of my blocks from the FWSQ class


  1. Karen, are these quilts ones you've made, or ones you've been commissioned to quilt? My mom use to have a long arm when she lives with us. We had to have it put in through the basement window which is where my mom had her sewing room set up. It was 12 feet 7 inches long. I believe it was an old one that must have been reconditioned because it never worked really well. The thread broke all the time, no matter what thread was used. Anyways, I know that long arms are lots of work. Someone might think that just because something is machine quilted that it doesn't take lots of work...and it does! Just thought I'd share this.

  2. Karen, I really liked the idea of the spiral binding for "The Farmers Wife". I took mine to office Depot, and for the huge price of $1.99 I now have a much more usable and handy book to use when I start on my quilt. Thanks for the idea. Mary Lou



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