April 23, 2010

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks

I have spent at least 2 hours on this block...so this one is going back to the shop! I have no idea what I am doing wrong...but tomorrow I will get help!

almost finished!!

this one...hum, issues with the center coming together, gonna rip that out! Otherwise, love it!

Sometimes I love the fabric and don't pay attention if it's directional or not until it is all pieced.....ugh...ripping this one out too

I really should have photographed all the blocks on point since they will be set that way in the final quilt...with this block I did pay attention to the directional fabric...but photographing it this way does not work!

So here are another 10 blocks...my first two blocks were posted earlier and I will create a flicker photostream to showcase all of them soon. Class tomorrow and need some assistance!! Too much Fun!!


  1. Really like your blocks. I just started making the Farmer's Wife quilt too. I have my first 11 made!

  2. Farmer's wife blocks are looking great....how do you go about choosing the fabric or is this a fabric range.



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