March 17, 2010

Where did Monday go??

Here it is Wednesday evening...and I'm typing up (do we say "typing" anymore?) this post waiting for American Idol to begin! I never made it back to the beach last week like I had hoped...however, I did manage to get 4 quilts quilted and worked on MY Easter egg quilt. I also took in 3 new quilts and have calls from two other quilters who will be dropping off more in the next day or two. I keep pinching myself....I'm loving this!
I just finished up the last two days as Chief Proctor for the National Optometry Board. I do this 4 times a year administering exams to students finishing up their last couple years in med school. I meet so many smart and appreciative people. With that said...I guess that is why Monday came and went without new weekly goals!

Last week I quilted this quilt for my friend, Susan. Susan decided she would like to try using wool for batting. It is wonderful! Light weight, so if you love the heaviness of a quilt....maybe wool's not for you....but it is warm, breaths, quilts marvelously, and even though it looks thin, it has a definite loft to it. And....through a very reliable source, I have been told wool does not have a memory, therefore when it is folded up, which I know we all do with our quilts, we can unfold them and no creases!! Cool huh?!

Week eleven: March 15th-21st
1. Optometry exam....finished!!
2. Quilt two quilts
3. Finish up Easter egg quilt
4. Block of the Month class on Saturday at the Primitive Thimble
5. Quilt Club gathering on Sunday

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