February 5, 2010

Finished up a feather pantograph on my friend Carol's quilt...this is the back of the quilt and the quilting shows up great.
A close up of the front...beautifully pieced.
Here is Carol's quilt loaded on my Gammill...this is a BIG quilt!! Beautiful....
While I was working on Carol's quilt...one of my switches failed on my Gammill. Fortunately, I could finish the quilt without interruption. I called Jack at Boersma's where my machine was purchased and he walked me through the problem. I can't sing enough praises about Boersma's....Jack is so helpful, so patient, thoughtful and kind. He always makes me feel like my problem is more important to solve over the phone and help me on my way than making his pocket book grow bigger. I did however make a trip to McMinnville today to purchase a new switch...no getting around that with an 8 year old machine. Cost...12 bucks plus the passing on of knowledge: how to install on my own switches.
On the way to McMinnville, I passed this barn in Yamhill....the weather was sunny and beautiful...a pleasant drive through rolling hills and farm land...a place I could easily call home.
Here is the sign outside of Boersma's...and inside is full of inspiration! Their website: Boersma's.com If you've never been.... you've got to go!!


  1. Carol's quilt is fabulous -- and big! The quilting is just beautiful and shows up so well. I'd love to see that barn in Yamhill -- what a great find! And believe it or not, I've never been to Boersma's. I've always meant to, but just never have gotten around to it. I'll check out their website!

  2. Wow - Karen - You did a WONDERFUL job! Mom is so excited she called me! You do wonderful freehand work!



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