January 26, 2010

I'm a day late posting...but have a good excuse! Yesterday I turned 51. Not sure if my excuse is: 'it was my birthday day'...or...'I am now 51'. Jeez...just look at that number! My parent's aren't even that old yet!!
Speaking of my parents....my dad stopped by yesterday with a gift for me. It is a hand carved wooden spoon made by my great grandpa Ole Satern. I remember it hanging in my grandparents home but have not seen it for years...as you can see, it is absolutely beautiful and what a surprise. I LOVE it!

The spoon is about 17" long
After admiring this gift...there was more...a nice card from my dad sharing a bit of history surrounding the spoon along with a comment, "if you think I lost my marbles".... and at the bottom of my gift bag in a plastic zip lock baggy (only boys wrap that way you know!) were some very old marbles my grandfather used to play with and a couple silly campaign buttons. Ahh, the passing on of treasures! Very special treasures to me....

My mom on the other hand offered her birthday gift to me in the form of a Julia Child luncheon and I can invite up to 7 friends! Mom's stipulation: can only invite those who love Julia.

Now...down to business!
Week Four: January 25th-31st
1. Complete 4 quilts (already finished 2!)
2. Enter two more months onto Quickbooks
3. Finish piecing my Easter Egg quilt (my new wooden treasure is laying on my eggs!)
4. Set a date and make a guest list for my Julia Child luncheon!


  1. Your spoon and other treasures are awesome. And it's good to hear that you're a Julia fan, too (although I should have figured that out from the movie night at the Venetian). I feel a little weird about it, but for Christmas I asked for (and received) a Julia cooking class at In Good Taste in February. Glad to hear I am not alone. Please post pictures of your luncheon (and describe the menu)! And happy, happy birthday! I'm 51 in June :)


  2. joan...first name on my guest list is YOU!

  3. Oh, I just noticed that you responded here. LOL -- I didn't mean to sound so much like I was fishing for an invitation.

    My cooking has not been very Julia-like lately. Sigh. I came home from work with a migraine and could not face cooking, so I handed my son some money and told him to buy himself some dinner on his way to work (for Parks and Rec). He was fine with it, but I'll never make mother of the year if I keep that up.



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