January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Christmas past....Always present
An antique cranberry scoop with a fabulous sugar pine cone from Lake Tahoe.
My New Years Resolution: Make a weekly "to do" list with daily "to do's" and do it!
Week One: January 4th-10th
1. Make and send out thank you cards to everyone who brought a quilt in to me this past year to be machine quilted.
2. Fill out MY portion of the FAFSA for my returning college junior, Tucker and my senior in high school, Mason.
3. Machine quilt two quilts.
4. Organize taxes for accountant. This will be a month long "to do"!
5. Keep working on this blog! Been teaching myself...ugh


  1. Hi Karen!
    So glad to see your blog! I am going to start one too! I will send you info when I get it up! What an inspiration and joy (your music is very uplifting!!!!)

    So glad we have reconnected!

  2. Melissa,
    I am excited to hear and anxious to SEE all the great things you are up to!!! So much fun, huh!!
    Can't wait to get working on your mom's beauuutiful quilt! I will be taking pictures of it to post!!
    my best to you.



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