August 30, 2018

Magic 8 Method Chart ~ Made Print Friendly! Plus a YouTube Tutorial

I just posted a Quilting YouTube video sharing the Magic 8 Method.  Hope you'll take a few minutes to watch!      

Here's a print friendly Magic 8 chart.  

Print Friendly and PDF

**To print just the chart, click on the green print friendly button and hit print. On the left sidebar, choose the 'landscape' as your layout.  Click on 'more setting' and find 'scale'.  Increase this to 155. 

  Now on the right side of your blog, scroll down through the post until you find the Magic 8 chart.  It should be on or around page 3.  Go back to the left side bar and find 'pages', click the button that allows you to type in the specific page where your Magic 8 chart appears.  The chart should look like it fills half the sheet of paper.  If you want it smaller, adjust the 'scale' down.  
Press print.

I took mine to the office supply store and had it laminated.  Used a hole punch, added a ribbon and it hangs where i can easily find it!
                                           Learn, Share, Quilt!


  1. Thanks for sharing your chart! Your timing is funny-I am about to start a couple of the Cinderella pumpkins!

  2. This is so nice of you to share. I'm a big fan of this method!

    1. Thank you Julie! And thanks for sharing my site with others. I appreciate it! :) ~karen

  3. Because of Julie @ the Crafty Quilter, I learned about your site and just ordered your Poppa Tree Farm Pattern! Thank you for sharing your chart and your talent.

    1. Oh...thank you so much! You will love Poppa's Tree Farm! It's an easy quilt to make and can easily be made into a table topper too...using only 4 tree blocks. Enjoy! ~karen

  4. Hey Karen, Linda here and here we go again. No green print button and no scroll to magic eight on the right side. Have a work around? Sorry I wrote on your you tube page it was one of my "senior" moments.



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