March 23, 2017

Let your shop owners know~~

I'm excited to share that shops from Oregon to Massachusetts are now selling my quilt patterns

To further the word, i thought i should offer a nice two sided wholesale sheet.... and my awesome graphic designer, Tess Wojahn delivered this just a couple days ago!   

It's an 8-1/2" x 11" two sided high quality color piece.  The back side (not shown) includes contact info and wholesale pricing.

If you are a shop owner or would like to see your favorite shop selling my patterns, please contact me at
Word of mouth goes a looooong way!  Thank you! :)

On another note, i'm finishing up my primitive colorway for Indian Summer.  I love it!

working on the quilting...

Click Indian Summer quilt pattern to see more!

Visit Laugh yourself into Stitches quilt patterns for purchase options.

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