May 9, 2015

Are you on Instagram?

If should check it out!  It's a free App for all those smart phones...easy to load, set up and enjoy.  There are lots and lots of quilters using Instagram inspiring us with their creativeness!

Tonight i posted my latest farm block on Instagram.  It's block #57 from The Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival, Class 5.  

Instagram is a quick and easy way to show others what i did today!

These photos are screen shots from my Instagram posts. The one directly below is a screen shot of my Instagram profile. 

Oh...and when you want to 'tag' someone on Instagram, use the @ in front of their Instagram name, like @laughyourselfintostitches.  Or use a hashtag # to show others who use the same hashtag what you are doing!  I typically use #longarmquilting or #farmerswifequilt in my Instagram posts. 
 Notice there are no spaces between words when using a hashtag.

#longarmquilting #spirals #longarmquiltingservices
Come join me on Instagram @laughyourselfintostitches!



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