June 24, 2014

Mary's quilt

How striking is this??

Mary used Warm and Natural for her batting. The downside of using a white batting on a black quilt, you can see the lint from it on the quilt top.  
Lint roller please!!  lol
The other possible downside to using a white batting with a predominately black quilt top, is running the risk of the batting pulling up through the top just a bit. A nice new sharp needle helps curb this possibility. 
Normally i would recommend using a black batting....but i really don't like the feel of  black batting.  I don't know if it's the dye used in the process or just what...it's sort of scratchy and stiff.
Do you have any recommendations for a good soft quality black batt? 
 I can only find Hobbs.
Spirals...with a charcoal grey So Fine thread

I did not get a full picture of Mary's quilt...
for fear of more lint, threads, dust!
Black collects everything!


  1. Your swirls look fantastic! Beautiful quilt.

  2. Interesting post - I never gave much thought to quilting a black quilt. I know W&N has black batting, and have used it in purses, for darker fabrics, but this is something to remember. LOVE the quilt - black makes everything POP!

  3. Really pretty (as usual)! XO

  4. WOW! Eye catching, sad you had to quilt over the applique though.

  5. Yep, love the vibrant background that black can give to a quilt, however, that lint and general fluff bunnies is a pain in the butt. Lovely quilt this one!

  6. so very colourful this is a real beauty



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