June 30, 2014


I read a post by my friend Bev this morning....she received an out of the blue 'snarky' email.  So...I thought i needed to share this important message....
I've never been much for drama...being raised with 3 brothers and having 4 sons...i've never been around it much or learned the tricks. thankfully.  
If you suffer with drama in your life...there is a cure!!  Please spread the good news!!

Oh...and don't forget about my Give~Away!  Click HERE for details!  

enjoy the show....


  1. Just keepin' it real Ya'll. Peace!

  2. HAHAHAHA - I recently was introduced to the old Polish saying of "Not my Circus, not my monkeys", referring to drama! Have a wonderful, drama-free day, woman!

  3. Four sons?!?! You look so young, my friend! I was raised with four brothers, no sisters, and don't know about drama either, other than I try to stay far far away from it. I wasn't much help solving disputes between my two daughters, either...

    Wow, what a weird email Bev received. I'm call my customers quilters, and I'm glad they ask me to quilt their tops!

  4. That's a hoot - I wonder if she was serious? I love living a drama free life.

  5. hahahah....I love her! I was going to write a scathing reply to the email I got but I'm just too lazy....sigh....XOXO

    1. I thought you could just simply send her this video and a box of dramamine. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is too awesome! Thanks for making me smile! How funny!

  7. Thank you, Bev! Im a momma to 5 myself and no, I was not serious in the video ;)



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