May 7, 2014

A Happy Mother's Day to Jane

I had the pleasure of meeting Jane over 4 years ago when she brought her quilts to my home for machine quilting.   
I love looking back in revisit her beautiful quilts.  
They are worth a look...Here and Here and Here

This is Jane's recent finish...again, her piecing is precise, her color choices always warm and welcoming.    
The machine quilting is a paisley design which make the stars feel as though they are dancing
Sometimes i doodle in the borders...rough batting edges.  A fun place to practice and write special notes.
I asked Jane if i could have a picture of her to add to this blog post.  This made my day and makes me smile  

Hugs Jane.
Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful Mother's Day


  1. Really nice. I'm getting ready for the group starting in the fall. Have bought your first lesson, but need to make some time in the next few days to looking into getting more. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful quilt with these lovely colours.



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