March 31, 2014

Pattern Winners Announced!

Thank you everyone for participating in the Lattice Star pattern give~away.  I enjoy traveling the world 'in my mind' as i read everyone's comments...where you live and your favorite spring flower! 
 I have two winners...from other parts of the globe!
Congratulations...i've sent an emailed copy of the patterns to you both.   

The winner for a copy of Lattice Stars goes to:

I am a new follower. i love in Saskatoon Sask and my favourite flower is the pansy - hardy little soul that it is. Thanks so much for sharing. Lovely quilt.

For a copy of Lattice Stars and 'your choice' for a second pattern from my Craftsy Store...goes to:
  1. I LOVE this quilt ! I am following you now here!!


    1. Oh!! I´m from Lisbon, Portugal! And i love Tulips!!
  2. I'm now a follower of your Craftsy store and think Poppa's Tree Farm is so cute.

  3. Of course, if you would like to purchase my patterns you'll find them all HERE.  Most of my patterns sell for only $5.  


  1. I´m so happy!!!

    Thanks a lot!!


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