March 5, 2014

Making my list...

I make lists, i have to.  Otherwise...well, nothing would get done, i'm sure.  
Today is Wednesday, my weekly list of 'to do's'... going well.

Yep, Susan and Jan's quilts are my longarm, my Farmer's Wife Table topper...done, Class published.
Loading Beth's quilt tomorrow...Craftsy post almost finished...still need to transfer images onto fabric for my new quilt pattern coming out next month...and baby gift for Rachel, yep,...only requires a pretty presentation.

wait....what?  What's this?  Martha?  what?  brain tumor?  wait...that's not on my list. What? did that get onto my list?  That's not suppose to be there.  Grief, sadness, tears...
I'm not trying to be dramatic here...i want to scream and all that comes are tears. 
 I am so very blessed to have a close and wonderful family.  Martha is my cousin, many a childhood days were spent with one another. I recall the summer of '72, a very fine summer.  Sewing!  Made my very first,with princes seams, ruffles and a bow that tied in the back.  It fit just right because Martha made sure it did.  We both made Hawaiian shirts.  Beach Boys were the rage!
Awww, the summer of '72.

 ...and i'll leave with words from Martha's sister Gretchen as she announced the news last night to our family....forever embedded on my list.
"It is a difficult road ahead.  Given that, I want to also communicate that it is critical that we each take care of ourselves in whatever way is true for us as individuals.  Be gentle and compassionate with yourself...this is a new journey for all of us.  We are not prepared and have not packed our bags for this journey.  As one falters, others are there to uphold and strengthen.  Reach out when you are the one faltering.  We are so very blessed to have the family that we do - we will be guided by that love and support."


  1. I'm so sorry for what you, and your family are going through. Sometimes, writing down these stories can be a healing process. What a wonderful memory you have of your teenage years with Martha. Fingers crossed, she will get through this horrible time. Stay strong, and continue to write your lists.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Martha and the battle that she has before her. Sending up prayers for her and your family in dealing with this monster.

  3. Hugs and prayers being sent your way:)

  4. Gretchen's words are so kind and loving......a wonderful sister for Martha to cling to. Our prayers are with you and your whole family.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Martha. You are indeed blessed to be such a close and caring family and it's this that will help Martha through this difficult time. My prayers go out to Martha, you and your family.



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