March 2, 2014

Leg Ta Hose.....

Supporting my niece today! Lake Tahoe, CA is Chelsea's inspiration for her beautiful designs.  The quality of the leggings are very very nice. High ribbed waistband and one size fits all with spandex comfort.

Costs for Chelsea's one of a kind handmade leggings run in the low to mid $20 range.  To view them all, check out her Etsy Shop HERE   
You will love them!  

Like them?  Share her Etsy shop with your friends!


  1. Leggins are all the rage here at the moment. Chelsea's designs are gorgeous and I wish her loads of success.

  2. Love the snowflake leggins.

  3. Wow they are out of this world! I would never have even thought of an idea like this the girl has some real talent going on there. I am going to have to show these to my DIL and her friends as my leggings body took a walk about 15 years ago and hasn't come home yet. Thanks for the info about these.

  4. Those leggings are works of art! Beautiful! Your niece is very talented!!! They look so cool! I've never seen anything like those!!!

  5. Great design, congratulations to Chelsea! :)

  6. Those are really cool looking. Looks like your niece has some talent. Lots of it



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