February 16, 2014

The 'Buggy Barn' Way

Remember this photo? This picture has been pinned lots and lots and lots of times onto Pinterest since i blogged about it 2 years ago...HERE
 I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt today!!
I also shared a tutorial for this great Buggy Barn piecing technique which you will find it HERE Yesterday i received the nicest email from Aigul who grew up in Kasahstan and moved to Germany in 2002 where she lives today. She was inspired by my tutorial post and here is her version of the same quilt. 
Aigul named her quilt Gone with the Wind, not based on the famous book by M. Mitchell's book, but she writes; "These black/white prints give some movement, like flowers are under the blow of the wind". Lovely Aigul, and thank you so very much for taking time to share your quilt. Love your color choices!


  1. Really pretty! I love Buggy Barn quilts too! I had not seen your version before...it is so crisp and fresh and the quilting is Mah-va-lous, Dahling!

  2. Was it 2 years ago that I pinned this quilt? Wow! I still love it and those teal and mint colours look amazing!!!

  3. I can see why you love your quilt...it is gorgeous!

  4. I absolutely ADORE the Buggy Barn method and quilt patterns...some of my favorites! I can see why the blue one at the top is an all time favorite...Aigul's quilt is pretty special, too. Happy Monday - Tanya

  5. I saw this tutorial when I first started following your blog and really loved it but didn't have the confidence to make it. Maybe this year. Only problem now is time, time, time, it's just flying past and I'm not getting anything done.
    Both yours and Aigul's quits are beautiful and a great inspiration to get a move on with the things I should be doing so I can start on the things I want to be doing.

  6. Where can I get the pattern for this quilt? I wasn't able to print it out from your tutorial.

    1. Hi Susan, The pattern is from the Buggy Barn book Certifiably Crazy...you will find it here:




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