September 11, 2013

Other uses for old tattered quilts

A few months ago my husband and i bought a 1970's 'vintage' home...oh boy does it need the updating!  I can't believe how many plastic ferns i hauled away!! lol
First, an addition for my longarm studio and a badly needed roof!
In the meantime, i'm trying to hide the 'uglys' with things i love.  
(Now i know the moment my mother reads this, she will think i'm crazy)

I found an old tattered quilt a few days ago, hand pieced, hand quilted and made of 
half square triangles and 4-patches.
 Using a tension rod, i slipped on these
ring clips found at Joann's for 40% off.
(btw, just picked up my new copy of this magazine too)

This is the tunnel i am trying my hardest to hide!
I folded over the top of the quilt about 6" 
and fastened it to the ring clips
 I kind of love my tunnel now


  1. Cool idea!
    Did you see on my last post I linked about your fab pattern?

  2. That's a great Idea, but it won't work for me. I too have a much loved quilt, hand quilted, machine pieced by me, and all of my kids had a hand in designing it. So now that it is thread bare, all of them want part of it! LOL How to make something out of it 4 ways!



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