September 16, 2013

How to clean your iron

I've been meaning to talk about my iron for quite some time now and recently my friend Maria wrote a fantastic post on how to clean an iron. 
 You will find her wonderful tutorial here

I use a Reliable Iron which i loooove!  It's heavy and does not leak...that's a biggy!  I've had my iron for almost 4 years and anyone and everyone who comes over to sew with me comments on how great my Reliable feels, presses and steams.
Here's my iron all cleaned up using Maria's helpful tips.  She uses a common baking product to clean her iron...can you guess what it is?  
  You can see just a tiny bit of what was once the word Velocity on the side of my iron.  Even though the word is worn, the iron is not....just used over and over and over almost everyday!  I also love these Dritz ironing pads and cover my ironing board when pressing lots of quilt blocks. 
 Does your ironing cover get as messed up as mine? 
 I need to make a pretty one and keep it that way! 
 These pads are also very that too!

For either of these products, you can purchase them directly from my blog. Just click on the highlighted products here: Reliable Iron and Dritz Ironing Pad  or you will find an Amazon link on my sidebar.


  1. Thanks for the iron cleaning information. Just yesterday as I sat in my nice,clean sewing room, I got a look at my gummy-brown looking iron and thought I need to clean that! Will be doing this today! :)

  2. Here's my iron cleaning tutorial: I like it because it isn't messy. I'm going to get one of those ironing pads! Hope you are doing well! XO and cheery wave from Bev

  3. Hi Karen. I told you I'd be back one way or another LOLLL Your iron looks amazing in fact it looks like you've been out and bought a new one. Glad this cleaning method worked for you. Mine needs doing again and as for my ironing cover, that's pretty disgusting. I'll need to change it soon.



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