June 25, 2013

Go with God

Along the banks of Moses Lake, 
Soldiers prepare for their day.
My son holds his Bible.
Share this picture if you like, as a reminder of
 our troops, our freedom, 
their sacrifice.  


  1. I love this picture Karen!!! What a blessed mother to have such a son, and what a blessed son to have such a great mom who raised him loving the lord. Love it!!

  2. Amen, what a great testimony to all. I am blessed by your sharing it ~

  3. Thankyou Karen...and please tell your son we said thankyou to him for his service.

  4. Thanks for sharing this photo. Good to keep our troops in our prayers daily.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. That is such a wonderful picture. One of our sons-in-law is a Navy SeaBee and has served in both Iraq and in Afghanistan. Right now he is in Virginia. He is not a believer yet. My prayer is that a gearhead in the service will befriend him and witness to him. We, of course, continue to pray for him and speak of God in our every day lives. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  6. It is a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing!

  7. A righteous man who walks in his integrity—
    How blessed are his sons after him. PROVERBS 20:7 Thank you for posting this precious photo. I am blessed and pray that my husband, daughters and their mates would "bow to the Almighty". May "we" all bow in humbleness. Blessings from Canada, IN CHRIST, JUDE 3, Beverley

  8. This is a beautiful picture, and a wonderful post! Thank you, and thanks to your son and your family for their service.



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