June 29, 2013

Decorating with Quilts

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Recently i posted my first link~up party found here 
It was a 'successful?' party with 3 brave participants.  
Many commented they could not 'top' what i had done...and in retrospect, i suppose i was a bit out there with my ideas...  :)
Here are a few other shots around my home...this first photo is of an old drying rack.  Fortunately i have the height in my new place to pull this off.   
As i look at this picture...i can see i should add another small quilt to the back of the flag quilt...yippee!!  I hung a few quilts over the drying sticks, and the others i slipped rings with clips over the sticks and attached small quilts.
 This is what the drying rack looks like...
really pretty
Here's one of my favorite small quilts
 used as a table topper
 and another, simply over the back of a chair.... 
I found this great Pinterest board by Gayle Burton   (i looooove every single one of her boards!!!...Miss Cindy...you are going to love them too!!)
Go see what Gayle has pinned to her 
 So many great ideas!!!!
If you are up for sharing your ideas, whether they are 'out there' or simply quilts around your home that you love....
my link~up party found here is still open!


  1. Oh no not another yummy Pinterest site......I need help!
    Lovely, lovely home you have.

  2. I love the drying rack! And such a good idea to use it to display quilts. The one you used as table runner is very pretty!

  3. Hi Karen - I enjoyed seeing more of your quilts and how you display them. I have a drying rack similar to yours - I'll have to see if I can use it for quilts too - it's in my unfinished laundry room, so no one except me will see it - but I'm the most important person to please, right? LOL Thanks for sharing my Pinterest board with your blog readers - it's so fun to find new ways to display our quilts in our decorating, huh? And now - I think I need to know who Cindy is - and if she has a blog or Pinterest boards!

  4. WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing your beauties!!!

    I love Pinterest, too!

    :) Carolyn



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